Living Krakow Poland Trips

Holy Week & Passion Play

Fr. Stan Nadolny, Spiritual Director
April 16 – 25, 2019

Destination Pilgrimage…Accommodations at Divine Mercy Pilgrims House…Kraków 400 Year Old Passion Play…Good Friday at Kalwaria Zebrzydowska…Pysanki (Polish eggs) workshop in village famed for Easter celebration…Much more.

Living Krakow

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  • Destination Pilgrimage
  • Accommodations at Divine Mercy Pilgrims House
  • Kraków 400 Year Old Passion Play
  • Good Friday at Kalwaria Zebrzydowska
  • Pysanki (Polish eggs) workshop in village famed for Easter celebration
  • Wooden homes Blessing of Świekonki (Baskets)
  • Mass in Old Wooden Church
  • Easter Meal With Community of Monks in Kraków
  • Sung Vigil Mass Led by Dominican Choir
  • Footsteps of St. John Paul II (many venues)
  • Daily Mass Includes Archbishops Private Residence Chapel Where Karol Ws Ordained Mass at Main Altar of Black Madonna in Częstochowa (You are seated in the Choir)
  • Auschwitz and Salt Mine Tours – optional activities available (no charge) in Kraków
  • Rynek – Many Cultural Venues and Interaction With Polish Opportunities, Great Meals Inclusive Land Package only

What we give will make you want to stay longer and come back again.
Our only measure is how many people return again.
Currently it’s 27%, and we’re very proud of that.

–Mike Richard, Living Krakow