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In the spirit of Saint John Paul the Great, Living Kraków is happy to announce the start of a new and exciting way to travel – for people or groups who choose to actually experience a culture rather than simply see it from “the outside”. Living Kraków is a new travel choice for people who want the security of a preplanned pilgrimage, and the intimacy, pace and flexibility of a much smaller group.

Living Kraków Cultural Pilgrimage ™ itineraries are based on the life and travel of Saint John Paul the Great and fellow Mercy Saints of Poland, Faustina and Maximilian Kolbe; we are constantly adding new offerings customized for your group. So explore our Current Trips and Pilgrimages – we’re sure you will like what you see! Contact Mike today with any questions, or for more information.

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Our pilgrimages are unique in the following ways:

  1. The number of Pilgrims is kept small so your ‘experience’ is not limited to the Americans traveling with you, but also offers opportunities for culture sharing. (Our pilgrimage groups are limited to 30 pilgrims because that is maximum seating in the Choir at Altar of Black Madonna. When we have a group of 30, we use a bus able to hold 52, so you are not cramped. Most bus excursions are limited to 2 hours distance, with a break midway or more frequently. We offer pilgrimages, not bus tours.)
  2. Accommodations are arranged with local people (not big American or International hotel chains). We choose safe boutique locations that provide easier and better access to local interest points, not accessible to big tour buses, and flexibility to explore your personal passions. Most hotels are 4star; we often prefer pilgrims houses.
  3. Group meals are all your dinners, most in chef owned and operated restaurants and buffet breakfast each morning. All are made from scratch with garden fresh local food ingredients, with ‘no charg’e consideration for your individual diet restrictions. (Time is made for your purchased lunch, which typically runs about $3/day.)
  4. We don’t send you; we join you (unlike travel agents who rely on a ‘book’ of packaged tours for a place they’ve never visited). While we collaborate with local providers of service and travel professionals, every detail is planned and experienced by us; so you discover Poland (and other venues) through the eyes of an American, to better anticipate your interests and needs. (An American, that is , who has been guest of more than 30 local families over the years, each who is eager to show off favorite dishes and local sites of interest; much of this is reflected in the experience we share with you.)
  5. Living Kraków’s exclusive Unpack Once(TM) itineraries are available for Catholic pilgrimages based in Poland, though depending on the theme, itineraries may also include other venues such as Lviv, Vilnius, Fatima, Lourdes, Rome. Unpack Once(TM) pilgrimages are “plenary indulgence” pilgrimages, not bus tours, based in a ‘home’ accommodation and featuring day excursions. For example, Kraków based pilgrimages are typically accommodated in Divine Mercy Pilgrims House. Free laundry service and other extra amenities are included for Unpack Once(TM) itineraries of 8 nights or more. Pack light!

View Our Current Offerings

What we give will make you want to stay longer and come back again.
Our only measure is how many people return again.
Currently it’s 27%, and we’re very humbled by that.

Mike Richard, Living Kraków

“I’m so glad I found Living Kraków! I’ve had too many mediocre experiences with large group tours and cruises, so I truly appreciate the balance of planning and freedom – what an incredible way to truly experience a new country and culture!”

– Luz R., Phoenix, AZ

” Serving Father’s Mass at the Main Altar of Black Madonna, with my family joining us in the Choir, was a highlight of my life.”

-Tim W., Gilbert AZ

“I’ve been on many Pilgrimages, and they were great! But this Living Kraków pilgrimage, “Footsteps of John Paul II” leading up to his Canonization was THE BEST ever.”

-Oksana M., Scottsdale, AZ

“This was our 3rd Living Kraków Pilgrimage for Carole and me, and the best yet. We love your new Unpack Once(TM) itinerary format, especially because there is flexibility to spend time on our own with the Sisters. We even “got going early” each day and celebrated an extra Mass with them in the Convent Chapel before breakfast.”

-Joe & Carole Z., Tucson, AZ