Our Pilgrimage Clients Love Poland

Witaj Pilgrim,

Please call me with any questions you may have about Living Kraków Cultural Pilgrimages or any of our specific customized offerings.

I love to talk about Poland!

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(27% of Living Kraków pilgrims return to Poland with us.)

Here’s what some had to say:

“Sherry and I were excited to finally travel to Poland where both our Grandfathers were born. The surprise Mass you arranged for us in my Grandfather’s village church, the copy of his actual Baptism Certificate blew us away. I cried. We will return!” Paul R.

“We planned for years, finally were ready to go to Poland and discover roots, perhaps meet family. Just before departure, a medical emergency cancelled our plans. Forever. My advice, if you dream of Poland, go now. Don’t wait until you wake one morning, unable.” Richard R.

“This pilgrimage in the land of the Polish Pope and Saint was the best pilgrimage of my life. Believe me, I’ve made many great pilgrimages with Knights of Malta and others, but this tops them all.” Sandie M.Poland pilgrim

“Serving Father’s Mass at the Altar of the Black Madonna in Częstochowa, with my family seated next to the Altar in the Choir, was the most humbling experience of my life,” Tim W.

“Third Poland pilgrimage with you for Carole and me. Love the new Unpack Once(TM) itinerary with accommodations at Divine Mercy Pilgrims House, 24/7 Adoration steps from our room, devotions with the Sisters, free laundry service. We’ll return!” Joe Z.

“I appreciate the flexibility of Unpack Once(TM) itinerary, returning “home” each night in Kraków. I was able to divert from the group schedule one afternoon to meet Polish relatives for the first time, they drove in from Tarnów. And, especially nice that you invited them to dinner with us!” Teresa M.

“I had always dreamed of traveling to Rome. When I heard about your pilgrimage, Poland and Rome, I decided, at age 86, I better go for it. Frankly, I was only interested in Rome. Now, Rome was everything I expected, and then some. But, if I did it again, I’d spend the entire time in Poland. What a surprise!” Lucas S.

“Tom’s a former seminarian with a special interest in the Eastern Church and especially icons. So, we opted for the extension to Lviv and we’re so glad we did. What a charming city. It’s like a walk in history. And, the icon museum, largest in the world, was particularly outstanding. We’ve sold our business and are transitioning during the next year; then we plan to return. Poland and Ukraine are like dreams, it’s impossible to separate their deep Faith from the Cultures!” Wanda K 

“Joey had just been Confirmed at age 9 with the name John Paul II, so we decided to celebrate with this pilgrimage. What an overwhelming surprise when we visited Sanctuary of St. Joseph, the Karmelite Monastery where young Karol, at age 9, enrolled in the Carmelites and received the Scapular he wore the rest of his life. Then, with Joe standing next to that scapular, now a relic mounted on the wall, Fr. Benedict approached and presented Joey with his own scapular and enrolled him. No words.” Cindy M.

“The karzma meal in Zakopane was a bit spicy for us, but we loved the Gorale dancing. All the other meals were outstanding. We’ve traveled a lot and usually tour groups offer commissary type food in the hotel. Yours were meals in nice small restaurants, cooked from scratch with fresh from the garden ingredients. We especially liked Warsaw, we elected the extension there. We’re big city types.” Kay K.

“I appreciate you making it possible for me to join you on “scholarship” to help you with your wheelchair. I’m discerning a vocation and need to pay off school loans before being accepted, so there is no other way I might have afforded it. The whole experience was amazing and I was especially moved when we sang Czarna Modona, in Polish, at the close of our Mass in Częstochowa and 1000 people joined in, singing in perfect harmony. I also appreciate that I could remain in Poland and meet family, some I’ve never met before, and to join Polish students in a walking pilgrimage from Warsaw to Częstochowa on the Feast of the Assumption. I want to return!” Sara M.

“There is a clock on the wall of Karol’s Church viewed from his window. It’s time now is stopped at 9:37, the hour of his death.

The Clock’s Inscription reads, “Time Flies, Eternity Waits.”

If you’ve dreamed of Poland, do it now. Don’t wait until unable.

Future pilgrimage information: Mike@LivingKrakow. com or call 602-819-7473. I love to talk about Poland!