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Living Krakow, About Us

About Living Krakow - Intro

Living Krakow Cultural Pilgrimages™

In the spirit of Saint John Paul the Great, Living Krakow is happy to announce the start of a new and exciting way to travel – for people or groups who choose to actually experience a culture rather than simply see it from “the outside”. Living Krakow is a new travel choice for people who want the security of a preplanned tour, and the intimacy, pace and flexibility of a much smaller group. Our Pilgrimages are unique in the following ways:

1. The number of Pilgrims is kept small so your ‘experience’ is not limited to the Americans traveling with you, but also offers opportunities for culture sharing.

2. Accommodations are arranged with local people (not big American or International hotel chains). We choose safe boutique locations that provide easier and better access to local interest points, not accessible to big tour busses, and flexibility to explore your personal passions.

3. Group meals are limited to a few dinners and all breakfasts allowing you to choose from the wide number of superb cuisines near our hotel and to interact with local people.

4. We don’t send you; we join you (unlike travel agents who rely on a ‘book’ of packaged tours). While we use local providers of transportation, etc. every detail is planned and experienced by us; so you discover Poland (and other venues) through the eyes of an American, to better anticipate your interests and needs.

5. Living Krakow’s exclusive Unpack Once(TM) itineraries are available for Catholic pilgrimages based in Krakow, Rome, Vilnius or Warsaw. Coming soon to additional destinations. Unpack Once(TM) pilgrimages are plenary indulgenced pilgrimages, not bus tours, based in a ‘home’ accommodation and featuring day excursions. For example, Krakow based pilgrimages are accommodated in Divine Mercy Pilgrims House. Free laundry service and other extra amenities are included for Unpack Once(TM) itineraries of 8 nights or more. Pack light!

Living Krakow Cultural Pilgrimage ™ itineraries are based on the life and travel of Saint John Paul the Great; we are constantly adding new offerings around the world. So explore our Current Trips and Pilgrimages – we’re sure you will like what you see! Contact Mike today with any questions, or for more information.

About Living Krakow - Outro