Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 1: Warsaw


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Day 1 in Warsaw. A relaxed day as we arrive in Warsaw Poland from USA. Warsaw is a city of parks, with more green space as a % of the total of the city’s total acreage than any other city in Europe. Łazienki Park is the most accessible, the largest and the most beautiful. It was dedicated by the last king of Poland, who built a summer palace here, just to entertain his guests at sumptuous dinners. For these, he brought in the best chefs from all of Europe. 

Each Sunday in the summer this venue features Chopin concerts and draws big crowds for these highly regarded professional pianists. 

Of course, you know Chopin . He died in exile, in France, but his heart was returned to Poland for burial, as was his wish. 

After the Concert, we celebrate Mass in the Church of Sw. Andrezej Boboli, a revered Saint in Poland, presided by our Spiritual Diirector, Fr. Steve Kunkel, Pastor of St. Thomas Apostle in Phoenix. 

Fr. Steve created this entire series of 12 Videos in this VIRTUAL POLAND presentation (with photo input also from Fr. Charlie Goraib, who joins us in Kraków) and retains copyrights. 

Early “welcome dinner” ends the first day, at a Ukrainian Karzma dinner featuring sumptuous Cossack food. 

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