Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 5: Malbork


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  • Poland
  • Malbork
  • Mazury Lakes
  • World’s Largest Castle
  • Pilgrimage
  • Travel

Day 5 is spent in Malbork, the world’s largest castle, also a city within the walls, located with a scenic lake on one side. This is in the north of Poland, near Elbag, gateway to the Mazury lakes region, a chain of 1,000 lakes connected by man-made canals popular with kayakers. This is the most popular summer vacation spot in Poland, mostly known only to Poles. Father Karol Wojtyła was on a trek here with his students when called away to be named Bishop of Kraków. Malbork was headquarters for the Teutonic Knights who had a long and mixed history here.

Some things to notice:

  • In the Basilica, tombs of many Bishops and prominent Poles
  • Grand Gothic Architecture
  • Statues, mosaics and other artwork and objects

Spiritual Director:
Fr. Steve Kunkel, Pastor of St. Thomas Apostle in Phoenix. Fr. Steve created this entire series of 12 Videos in this VIRTUAL POLAND presentation (with photo input also from Fr. Charlie Goraib, who joins us in Kraków) and retains copyrights.

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