Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 6: Sopot


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  • Poland
  • Baltic Sea
  • Westerplatte World War II Begins
  • Sopot, Beach, Amber
  • Europe’s Largest Pier
  • Gdansk, Solidarity, Lech Wałesa
  • Pilgrimage
  • Travel

Day 6 is spent in Sopot and Gdansk, 2 cities of Trojmiasto on the Baltic Sea. It is a uniquely a historic area, Gdansk has also been a German City called Danzig and an international city. Westerplatte a Gdansk island is the location of the first bombing invasion of Poland by the Germans, launching World War 2.

Some things to notice:

  • Gdansk ship works, home of Solidarity led by Lech Wałesa
  • Small building on Westerplatte where handful of Poles held out against German bombing and naval artillery attacks for weeks, still riddled with shrapnel
  • Magnificent Sopot pier, you can literally kick pieces of amber out of the sand of the endless beach below.
  • Statues, mosaics and other artwork and objects
  • Boats available for hire for dinner or fishing cruises, plus commercial boats at work.

Spiritual Director:
Fr. Steve Kunkel, Pastor of St. Thomas Apostle in Phoenix. Fr. Steve created this entire series of 12 Videos in this VIRTUAL POLAND presentation (with photo input also from Fr. Charlie Goraib, who joins us soon in Kraków) and retains copyrights.

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