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Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 12: Kraków

ArchBishop’s Residence Mass in Chapel Where Karol was ordained priest, Church of the Arc in Nowa Huta, Ecce Homo Shrine of St Br. Albert, Tyniec Monastery for Angelus with Bendictine Monks

Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 7: Kraków

We arrive in Kraków, Our Home For This 2nd Week With Daily Excursions to Nearby Points of Interest Including Częstochowa, Wadowice, Auschwitz, Wieliszka Salt Mine, Divine Mercy and more.

Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 3: Płock

Day 3 Virtual Poland. Starts with breakfast in Warsaw, then to St. Maximilian Monastery at Niepokołanów (Immaculata) and museum. Then to Płock, Divine Mercy, where Jesus first told St. Faustina “Paint What You See”. Overnight at Convent, tour of convent, new Pilgrims Center and Płock led by Prioress, Sister Weronika.