Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 3: Płock

Day 3 Virtual Poland. Starts with breakfast in Warsaw, then to St. Maximilian Monastery at Niepokołanów (Immaculata) and museum. Then to Płock, Divine Mercy, where Jesus first told St. Faustina “Paint What You See”. Overnight at Convent, tour of convent, new Pilgrims Center and Płock led by Prioress, Sister Weronika.

Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 2: Warsaw

Living Kraków Virtual Poland pilgrimage. Discover Warsaw, Victory Square, Changing of Guard at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, Mass, Tomb and Museum at Church of Solidarity Priest, Orientation Guided Tour of Old Town, Destroyed by WW2 Germans, Rebuilt by Poles. 

Living Kraków Virtual Poland Part 1: Warsaw

Living Kraków Virtual Poland pilgrimage. Arrival Day. Chopin Concert In Łazenki Baths Park. Mass at Church of Saint Andrezej Boboli. Relaxed Cosak Dinner at Ukrainian Karzma. 

Poland Pilgrimage Memories

Poland, Warsaw, Lublin, Krakow, Catholic, Celebrate Corpus Christi Feast Day, Maximilian Kolbe, John Paul II, Faustina, Pilgrimage

Christmas Marketplace in Krakow Poland

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Our Pilgrimage Clients Love Poland

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